In My Mother’s Skin

In My Mother’s Skin
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.2023 Sundance Film Festival
.2023 International Film Festival Rotterdam
.2023 Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
.2023 Udine Far East Film Festival
.2023 Bucheon (Bifan) International Fantastic Film Festival
.2023 Karlovy Vary Film Festival
.2023 Fantastic Fest
.2023 Sitges Film Festival
.2023 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival


Set in the Philippines at the end of World War II, an affluent family is stranded in their mansion, tormented by faltering Japanese soldiers. Rumors swirl that patriarch Aldo stole Japanese gold, endangering his family. He seeks American aid to avert slaughter, leaving his sick wife and young daughter, Tala. The young girl mistakenly trusts a flesh-eating fairy, who desires to consume them all.